About Us

Started in 2012 by Mattia Mauceri, Captain B777, as a club for Emirates Airlines employees only, the club quickly grew and reached 140 members, many active in amateur racing all over the world in all distances.

Under the presidency of Finn Zwager, Captain A380, the club grew further and acquired a Mavic disc wheel as well as the first free to rent bike boxes. The first interline competition was arranged by Finn and promptly won by himself.

The current president, Van Cauwenberghe Jeroen, Captain B777 started the partnership with Custom Coaching that offers custom coaching built around your flying roster at a very affordable price. 2 more bike boxes were purchased, a new trisuit, t-shirts and a new half ironman distance interline competition are amongst the achievements of this year.

For future years it is necessary to grow the club further and finish current projects like the new website.

Any member input is appreciated.

Safe training,

Van Cauwenberghe Jeroen
Current ETC president